enlarged photo of Taiwanese transparent alien

Taiwanese Transparent ‘Alien’ Photo

Is this a real alien caught on an iPhone or a digital artifact?

photo of alien in Taiwan

The Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) recently released a photo of what is purportedly a translucent alien out for a walk.

The photo was taken by a policeman at Jiaming Lake in Taiwan’s Taitung County. The image was supposed to be a landscape view of the hill. The policeman claimed he didn’t realize there was something unusual about his photo until he got the chance to look at it more closely.

enlarged photo of Taiwanese transparent alien

The shape in the photo is clearly humanoid, but the question is what would an alien be doing walking around a hill all by itself like that?  Do aliens go on hiking trips?

One theory is that this is a digital artifact either from the sensor that took the photo or the memory in the iPhone that was used to take the picture.  Of course there is always the chance that it was faked.  The fact that the ‘alien’ appears to be shadowed several times makes me lean towards a camera issue rather than cloaked space man, but one never knows.

What was walking around at Jiaming Lake?

What is your take on this photo?  Alien? Photo issue?  Flat out fake?  Leave your comments below and let me know your opinion on this sighting!

Source: International Business Times

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  1. I live just north of Taitung and I wouldn’t really surprise me if there was some anomaly around Jiaming Lake. The lake is unusual to say the least and there has been a long-running debate about how the lake (an oddly circular and deep lake) got there in the first place. The first group of researchers to study it thought an asteroid caused a crater that was later filled by run off. No they think it is the result of previous glacial movements thousands of years ago. I’ve been there and it looks nothing like a glacial lake, it looks weird. I’m just throwing it out there since this article came up: UFO crash site?

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