A UFO near the ISS

UFO Approaches ISS

Is This Evidence of UFOs in Space?

A UFO near the ISSThere are lots of photos of things we can’t identify, and in this one, we are seeing what is claimed to be a UFO near the ISS (International Space Station).  What do you think it is?  Here is a snippet from the site I found this originally on.

Scott Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily has made the following discovery that he announced on 12 August 2013.  He had been affiliated with the military while he was in the States.  He now lives in Taiwan.
I have now uncovered photos as of 12 August 2013 that were taken during the STS-122 mission back in February of 2008. This is an alien orb and similar orbs have been seen around the shuttle Atlantis before and broadcasted on live CNN around the world a few years ago. Notice the mist around this orb. If this was the moon it would be in total focus like the Earth, but you need to click on the large photo to see this fact.

To me, this looks like out of focus dust in front of the camera.  Fuzzy edges and only one photo to me are dead giveaways.  But I would love to hear what you think.  You can check out the hi-res photo here:


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