June 2018 Scottish UFO sighting

Disc Shaped UFO filmed over Scotland 6/2/18

Footage of a UFO captured in Scotland

There is no denying that what is in this video was and still is a UFO. By definition is an unidentified flying object. The question now is what was it and was it a terrestrial UFO or one of alien origin? I’m seeing people describe this as disc-shaped, but I’m seeing it as more of a regular disc shape but at some angles, it looks more like a cigar shape.

Take a look at the video and see what you think. The description from the witness is below, as we reported to MUFON.

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There was an approaching thunderstorm from the south-east. I looked out of a window as I was at home. I noticed an object in the distance, which did not look like a bird, drifting in the sky. I then went and grabbed my camcorder – Panasonic HC.V250 10.0 megapixels 90 x zoom – to see if I could zoom in on it to see what it was. When I had returned with the camera it had moved some distance in the sky, my view of it was blocked as it had passed the town clock, and I lost sight of it as it passed behind a rooftop. I then ran to another window in my house so I could see it again. I opened the window as I did not want to film it through glass. I managed to film it for about 30 seconds, maybe actually only 20 by the time I focus in etc. I would describe the object as puck-shaped, a disc with an edge. I was viewing it moving from my left to right , it does appear cigar shaped as it moved horizontally , there were clouds above it and below it , it approached some lower level clouds , then banked , as it done this you could clearly see it was circular when viewed from underneath. In brief, it traveled at a constant speed , approached a cloud formation then banked and went into the cloud and that is when I lost sight of it . I have only basic computing equipment, so have not had the chance yet to try and enhance the images in photoshop. The film is a bit shaky , but when slowed down and screenshots taken you get some better images . I only noticed afterward looking at screenshots, that as it approaches the cloud to descend into it there appears a green doughnut-shaped light underneath it. Have attached the film clip and a couple of screenshots, and hopefully, someone out there may be able to enhance them a bit more than I can. Was filmed in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

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