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Video: Bell Like UFO Hovering Over Lake Geneva

A video posted on Jul 20, 2020 by Roi Soleil under the title Weird Thing Ovni, shows what is supposed to be a bell shaped UFO floating in the sky over Lake Geneva Switzerland.

UFO filmed over Lausanne, Switzerland (Image:

The not entirely clear video show a tubular object some are calling a bell, floating in the sky. To me it looks a bit like an oversize battery.

The 68-second video clip shows an unidentified flying object (UFO) floating over Lausanne on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The UFO was filmed on July 20 at about 7.45am local time as it flew behind a row of trees. The bell-like object appears to move slowly in one direction without making a sound.

Popular UFO hunter and conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring analysed the video footage and determined it is most likely real.

He said: “Here is an early morning sighting by an eyewitness in Switzerland last week.

“He recorded a jug like UFO hovering over the treetops.

“He moves the camera away from the UFO as if he thought maybe it was just a balloon that was not going anywhere anytime soon, however when he returns the camera to the location… the object is gone.”

I am always a bit more skeptical of any video where someone focuses on a UFO in their video camera, then pans away. That doesn’t seem like what people that are observing a UFO would do.

As usual, we come down to debating if this is an alien UFO/UAP, human made craft or a decent CGI production.

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  1. Seriously frustrating that the camera operator zeroes in on this strange object, holds it in frame long enough to show it’s clearly something curious, then pans away to look at the general landscape.
    Seems suspicious at first, but there’s something natural about it too, as if it’s just someone taking a video off their balcony and not thinking much about it. Hard to say.

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