Bright yellow UFO filmed over Castel Volturno

UFO Photographed Over Castel Volturno, Italy

What is this yellow UFO sighted over Italy?

Bright yellow UFO filmed over Castel VolturnoIs it a balloon, is it a blimp, is it aliens?  By definition, this is definitely a UFO that was captured in a photograph over Catel Volturno, Italy.  The photographer claims to have not seen the UFO at the time he took the picture, which generally makes me suspicious, but he is said to be reliable and loves photography, taking photographs wherever he goes.  Additionally it was said that he is not proficient in computer manipulation of photographs.

This transcribed description of the yellow UFO comes from the Italian website MateoWeb:

“…an unidentified flying object of a yellowish color, that flowed from the clouds, loomed right on the vertical of a building. The analyst Carmine Silvestri has devoted much time to this photo, assisted by Biagio Fusco and under the supervision of the President Angelo Carannante.

The UFO, approximately has the same focus of the surrounding buildings. So compared to the same and had to be imagined in full size really remarkable. The lights and shadows, with the top more enlightened than the lower one that occurs in shadow, are perfectly consistent with the remaining landscape captured in the photograph. Moreover, there are abnormalities of pixels and the subjection to specific programs has given a finding of authenticity.”

There is some good analysis of this photo on the Italian UFO site C.UFO.M. It all points to this not being a faked image, but something truly unusual that the photographer captured.

Italian UFO analysed

Comment on the Castel Voluturno UFO

Ideas on what we are seeing in this photo?  Why would the photographer not be able to see it when his camera was pointed right at it?  Why is this UFO yellow?  I am not aware of any alien races that use Yellow UFOs.

Drop your comments below and let me know your thoughts on this case!

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