Analysis of the Scottish UFO photo

UFO Photographed Over Stirling Golf Course in Scotland

What Was Photographed In The Scottish Skies?

Recently in the UFO Sightings group on Google+, the following image was posted.

UFO photographed over Scottland

Captured by Brian Mcphee, it was taken at the Stirling Golf Course in Scotland on 3/20/14 at 7:09 PM.  He posed the question to the group as to what he might have caught a picture of, stating “What do you make of this is it a ufo next to tree or something else it was only there for a few seconds only got one photo strange green light on it.”

Obviously a better lens with more zoom would have been nice for more detail.

“Whats strange about this is if you look at the trees there slightly blurry and the object is a lot sharper if it was a pane there would be at least tree different light in a line streaked because it would be moving. this object seems to be sitting there because theres no streaks of light camera set on 1 /4 it was getting dark.”  He added to the comments on the picture.

Here is a close up of the object.  It appears to be behind the trees and is relatively large.  I also don’t see a lot of artifacting around the object which is usually the first sign of a faked image.

close up of Scottish UFOHonestly I expected to find some evidence that this was something added to the picture, as it is very easy to do any more.  I played around with the saturation and colors a bit and at first was saying “Ah-ha!” because I was detecting some boxiness around the object, then I noticed that the whole image has squares to it, which I’m guessing comes from the chip and processing of the image in general.

Analysis of the Scottish UFO photoI won’t claim to be anywhere near an expert at photo analysis, but this UFO photo passes for real at first glance.  It would be interesting to see what a pro would say about it.

What Do You Think The Scottish UFO Is?

What do you think we are seeing here?  Post your comment below.  I would be glad to hear some other people’s thoughts on what this was that he caught a picture of.



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  1. I have no idea what it is.I did a closeup of the picture of the thing and it looks box light Like some kind of street light but you said that it went away really fast.I am not a professional but I can’t wait to hear one talk about this!

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