UFO recharging its batteries with lightning

UFO recharging in a lightning storm

Was a UFO recharging its batteries in a lightning storm?

Chatrooms are buzzing with talk of this video that supposedly shows a UFO recharging its batteries in a lightning storm.

Uploaded in November of 2018, by Allan Diablo, this video, for a few frames, shows a mysterious object illuminated by a flash of lightning.

Could this be how they charge up their engines? We all know just how much power lightning has and it may be a source of power for either an alien or advanced aircraft.

Much of the speculation over this object is that it is some government’s Triangle UFO projects. The most commonly referenced is the TR-3B project.


Personally, I am dubious. This craft seems not to be solid in nature. There are frames where it is there and then in the next it has vanished. I’m not sure if this is a hoax or just some aberration caused by the lightning. Either way I don’t think this is a solid UFO.

Post your comment below and tell me what you think we are seeing in this video!

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