Texas UFO Photo

UFO Sightings Over Cotulla, Texas

Texas is apparently on the top list of places for UFOs to visit lately.

Texas UFO Photo
Is this a UFO in the Texas skies or a man made object?

Lights of all types along with aircraft both of terrestrial and unknown origin are popping up in the skies over Texas lately.  Take a look at the MUFON report map and you will be amazed at what people are seeing.

Of course most of the UFOs people are seeing in Texas are simply misidentifications and I am sure we will get more of those as our kind and benevolent government starts flying drones of our skies to keep tabs on us.  But many of the reports defy explanation.


For example, reports like this one from Alvarado, Texas from January 21st, 2013 are hard to shrug off as something man made.

I was driving North on Cumming getting ready to turn West on CR604 and noticed a object flying across CR604 with what appeared to be Green Running lights going down the side of it and a flashing red light on top as well as bright lights to the front of the craft.It did not move like any aircraft that I am familiar with and appeared to be 4-5 times larger than any passenger plane. It was a very quiet and slow moving craft and was heading South East out of my field of vision in about three minutes. At that point I continued on to work.  Source: MUFON report

I am not aware of any aircraft we use that have green lights running down the sides of them and that are that large.  Again, it could be a misidentification of an object in the night sky, but it seems unlikely.

Have you seen any of the UFOs over Texas?

If you have seen strange things over the skies of Texas, post a comment below and let us know what you saw!  Have some ideas of what people might be seeing or why aliens would want to stop in Texas?  I would love to hear those too.


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