UFO Spotted Over San Antonio Feb 2016

UFO Or Just A Cloud Hovering Over San Antonio?

Some UFO videos are pretty clear cut in what they are.  Some are just indistinct dots of light that really don’t tell us anything.  Others are ambiguous to the point of being impossible to decipher. That is the case with this video, shot in February of 2016 in San Antonio Texas.

The poster, SAUFOTX comments:

U.F.O Saucer Craft was captured Camouflage its self using the clouds as cover over San Antonio,Texas…
On this particular day a heavy storm had passed over head..I was observing the clouds when i notice a strange looking cloud like a fuzzy distortion around that area….I decided to take a photo of it using an LG cellphone…That’s when i notice it appear to be a Saucer Shape U.F.O and was moving..So i began to record the sighting..When zooming in a glow and a shadow could be seen underneath it.I was able to capture it as was moving erratic.(used the top of the buildings as reference points).After some time it began to fade away and was gone…I was not sure what i had witness that morning..It was until later after analyzing video i realized…It was a Huge U.F.O using Camouflage Technology..In my opinion it is no Cloud/Aircraft/Drone/Weather Balloon..

The argument that this isn’t a cloud, but a spacecraft cloaked in a cloud looking distortion.  The poster says that it was moving and that it was a fuzzy spot in the sky.  Maybe it is a UFO and their cloaking wasn’t working 100% that day.  What I can say is that if UFOs are cloaked over our cities, it wouldn’t take much to remain hidden.  Most people never look up to start with and with the perfusion of smart phones, people are less likely than ever to look up.

One comment on the video points out the most basic of solutions, that it is a water drop on the person’s lens or windshield.

The way this dot moves in the video leads me to believe that it is not in the sky but on the windshield. if you pay attention you can see it move very abrasively in comparison to his movement of the camera. This implies that the dot and the sky are at different depths to the camera lens. – djmlcz

Another commenter though supports the poster’s claim that this is a UFO in the sky over San Antonio, claiming that they too had seen the UFO.

I live in san antonio and saw this that morning as well at about 7:20 am around Babcock and wurzbach. So glad u got a video it caught me off guard and was floating by too fast for me to gather my self and get a video or picture. It was definitely using some camouflage technology to blend in with the heavy clouds that morning but it was the only thing moving that’s why It caught my eye. I only told one person when I got to work because it seemed too far fetched to spread around but I knew in my heart it was definitely a ufo so I had to tell somebody but this video being taken the same day around the same time helps confirm that it is what I thought. I can guarantee this isn’t a hoax this was really in San Antonio that day!!! – Patrick Miller

In any case, people saw something.


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