The Van Meter Monster Mystery

What Terrorized the Town of Van Meter in 1903?

It was a dark night when what would soon to be called the Van Meter Monster arrived.  For several nights it harassed this small town before slinking back into the dark recesses of the unknown leaving behind little more than questions and possibly a cast of it’s footprints.

A Cousin of Mothman Perhaps?

An illustration of the Van Meter Monster

An illustration of what the Van Meter Monster may have looked like.

The Van Meter Monster was described as half human and half animal with horns, huge wings and shot light from it’s head.  Sounds similar to Mothman to me as it is described at big, winged, human like with glowing eyes.  Could the story have grown a bit and the glowing eyes be re-imagined as actually shooting beams of light?

Theories have been batted about and it does sound like a throwback monster from the age of dinosaurs.  Could it have been a Pterodactyl?  Might it have been a version of the Thunderbird which is sometimes described as looking huge and leathery.

What is known is that the beast seemed to care little for the efforts to kill it or drive it away.

Several men in the town shot at the beast with seemingly no effect.  First was U.G. Griffith who fired on it as it flew across building tops.  The following night, the town doctor and a bank cashier had encounters with the Van Meter Monster and fired on it. The beast shrug­ged off the bullets like a minor nuisance.

 New Life For the Van Meter Monster

The story of the Van Meter Monster was starting to die along with the old timers that still had memory of the event.  Luckily a team of researchers has come together, done a bunch of field work and research and written a book documenting this unusual encounter with a cryptid beast.

The book titled The Van Meter Visitor: A True and Mysterious Encounter with the Unknown covers all the details of the nights of terror that the people of Van Meter experienced and some possible answers to what the creature that descended on Van Meter might have been.

 What Do You Think It Was?

What is your theory on the Van Meter Monster? Alien, cryptid creature or something else?  Leave a comment down below with your best ideas of what this beast might have been.


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  1. HighJump235 says

    Probably some kind of an organic machine.

  2. The van meter monster was a PTEROSAUR

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