Wisconsin UFO Sighting

UFO causes electrical disturbance in vehicle

This is a UFO that I really wish they had gotten photos of.  I know it is difficult and in general people are so stunned that they forget to even try and get  a photo when sightings happen at close range.  But with this UFO causing electrical problems with their car, I am really intrigued.

The sighting in question happened along Hwy 18 near the city of Dousman in Wisconsin.  The witness was traveling from a friend’s house in Waukesha when they saw strange lights in the distance.

“Noticed light in the field moving toward the road I was driving on,” the witness stated. “The light appeared to be constant luminescent. As it got closer I was able to tell it was hovering and appeared to be about the size of a refrigerator.”

As they approached the location of the UFO, they slowed down and the UFO crossed the road in front of them.  As it did, their vehicle reacted in a very classic UFO encounter sort of way.

“My lights on the dash began to flicker along with lights of the vehicle. The object continued in a straight path across the road and into a wooded area. I lost track of the glowing object when it entered the wooded area.”

So far I have found no other reports of UFOs in that area on that night, but this is a much more solid encounter than many of the photos that I have seen circulating in the press lately.

Have information on this Wisconsin UFO sighting?

Were you in the Dousman area on March 19 and see something odd in the skies?  If so, please post a comment below and let us know.  I would definitely like to get some corroboration on this report.


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