Are Black Eyed Children psychic?

Psychic Black Eyed Kids

Are Black Eyed Children Psychic?

Are Black Eyed Children psychic?

Here at Pararational we are always looking for more reports of Black Eyed Kids.  Here is one I found on the Above Top Secret forum recently.  It is reproduced here without corrections or alterations so grammar and spelling police stand down!

What stands out is that the BEKs act out of place with their accents and mannerisms.  Additionally it is unlikely that a couple of kids were screwing around with full blackout sclera contact lenses as they run ~$280 a set.

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Lastly it is the apparent psychic abilities that these Black Eyed Kids have that really creeps me out.  It is a common theme in these stories that the BEC answer victim’s concerns before they are actually voiced.

Read through this account and see what you think.  I find this to either be a great fabrication or a genuine account of a run in the Black Eyed Children!

Black Eyed Children Report Posted by OzWeatherman

I just wanted to share an experience I had a few nights ago. Most of you know that Im skeptical when it comes to things like these, and some of you even think Im a disinfo agent working for the government, lol, but I can assure you, that what Im about to write, did indeed occur.

Im not assuming these were black eyed kids, or are related to the paranormal in anyway, but there were sure a lot if things that were out of the ordinary and unusual.

About midnight a few days ago, thursday to be exact, I was simply relaxing aty home watching a few dvd’s before heading to bed, when I was interupted by a knock at the door. As I normally do, I attempted to switch on the outdoor patio light, which (coveniently) blew up as i flicked the switch. Nevertheless I opened up the door.

There were 2 kids at the door. Both looked as though they were about 12 or 13. The first one, which decided to stand back off the porch, was short and wore a plain red tshirt and cargo shorts. I couldnt see much of him to honest, so I cant say too much about what he looked like. The second, who I assume knocked on the door was slightly taller than the first kid. and he wore a plain green tshirt, also with cargo shorts. He had medium length, black curly hair sitting under a plain (green) baseball cap. Due to the convenianatly “blown” light bulb, I also couldnt see him clearly as well. This was compounded by the fact that the street lights in my street were out (another wtf).

So, I opened the door and aked what they wanted. The first kid answered “Gday mate, we were just wondering if we could come in and get our kitten out of your backyard”

Now three things were odd about that immediately;

1. I’ve never had a 13 year old kid say to me “Gday mate” as a greeting. Usually its “Hi”, or “hey”…never gday mate (it was like he was trying to be stereotypically Aussie)

2. His accent was weird. Half way between Australian and English…it appeared as though he was putting it on

3. When I was 13, I was not going around on weekdays at midnights (dont know about the rest of you)

Now considering the three points above, I was kind of taken back by the odd request, I said “Ok, I can go get it for you” to which he replied “No mate, we insist that we come get her, she gets really scared by strangers”

Again this was unusual

1. He called me mate again, in that weird accent

2. His claim about the cat didnt seem really…valid?

Now, this time, I actually considered letting them in, but that weirdness factor actually overcame that.

I asked him “how old are you buddy?” to which the one at the back replied, and I must say enthusiastically “16!” (he too had the same weird accent)” I said “you dont look 16”

The kid closest to the door started becoming a little tense, and changed the subject back “Look mate, we really need to come in and get our kitten” I was a bit shocked how his friendly tone turned hostile so quickly, so I replied “Look kid, if you are going to be rude, you wont be getting your kitten back”. He apologised “Sorry mate, but please….we really need to get our cat”. The other replied “Please, let us in”

Now I was becoming very suspicious of their intentions. A lot of stuff has been happening lately here in Australia, like assaults, home burglaries, where adults had been bashed by kids. Its becoming more frequent. So naturally my next instinct was to see (subtlely) if I could spot any concealed weapons. What happened next actually shocked me!

The first kid said “We dont have any weapons on us”, dumbfounded, I almost responded “How did you know I was thinking that”…but changing the subject to avoid them becoming more suspicious, what I actually said is “Does your mother know you are out this late”. He replied “Come on mate, just let us in our mother will get angry if we dont come home with the kitten”

By this time I had enough. I said “tell you what, give me your phone number and i will call your mum back tomorrow, and if I find the kitten I will bring it back”, I almost, again, opened the door to give them a paper and pen, (there was paper an pen near the front door on a table, so I didnt have to leave the room) as I moved my hand to the door the kid stepped right up to the door.

This is where it turned from unusual to creepy. He had a really strange grin on his face, and I could have swore his eyes were completely black. That made me immediately jerk back from door

I said “Ok you need to get away from my front door, now” he answered “We are just kids, mate, let us get our kitten”

I replied “Leave now or Im calling the cops” Both the kids simply stared at me at that point. That really freaked me out and I had the sneaking suspicion that they wanted to do “something” to me. To show them i was serious, I turned back and grabbed my mobile phone, with the intention of making it look like I was serious about making a call to the cops, but when I turned back they were gone, just like that, so I shut the door. I had a bit of a desire to go out their and see where they went, but I also had a bad feeling about the events that juts occured. The whole thing lasted for about 2 and a half minutes, but it was the most bizzare thing thats ever happened to me.

Im not someone that has had lifetime experiences of being in contact with paranormal phenomena, and I beleive most the of that stuff is either rubbish or a case of mistaken identity. So, Im actually looking for an explanation to this.

Was it kids playing a prank with black contacts?

Has anyone had similar experiences? Would love to hear them

Photo Credit: Happyparakeet

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  1. I seen shows about alien abduction, people get abducted, the memories are usually laying on a table, the grays doing medical procedures on them. Some cases pregnant women waking up without there babies?? And what about these medical procedures the grays do? They seem very interested about the human species. My personal belief is that the BEK are in fact alien children, they claim to “collect”… that is another name for harvest..

  2. Never seen a BEK show up at my door but some Amish who live just around the mountaintop from me told me they saw just 1 of them it didn’t want trouble it just wanted a puppy that escaped and found its way into the Amish home

  3. You people do realize that the eyes are just black sclera contacts, right? You can buy a pair of them off the internet. It’s just a bunch of kids with these contacts messing with people and you’re all falling for it.

    1. That is actually something that I’m sure happens. However, many of these reports are old enough that it is unlikely that they had heard about BEKs and knew to mess with people or that blackout lenses were available.

      The other thing that to me at least, separates these encounters from the mundane is the psychic phenomenon that is often associated with the BEKs, the intense dread/fear and their seeming ability to show up and disappear at will.

      I’m sure as this phenomenon gets more airtime we will see more kids pranking people, but most of the cases I get submitted here go well beyond what kids screwing around can account for.

  4. My niece says that two ghost with black eyes are following her,, one child and one adult they are looking for my second eldest son…. she cries out when she goes to bed or lay down in her room… plz help I don’t no weather to believe her or not

    1. I would definitely pay attention to what kids tell you about things they can see that you can’t! I would suggest tracking down a local medium to help figure out what is haunting her and decide on a way to get rid of it.

    2. Angela get some white sage some salt some holy water get your bible and use The Lord’s Prayer that should protect you and your second born son but do it now the longer you allow a demonic entity or sprit to remain in your life the harder is to remove it

    3. Yes u should believe her children tell adults and are looking for help and are told it was just a bad dream or that they have a great imagination. So pleas don’t put her what you can to help

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