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Black Eyed Kids – An introduction to a terrifying phenomenon

Black Eyed Kids stalk human beings

Let me start off that as of today, I have not had a run in with the Black Eyed Kids, nor do I hope to.  But there is something that is coldly enthralling about the subject for me.  Perhaps that it is a modern phenomenon unlike most of the paranormal encounters that people have.

Stories about encounters with Black Eyed Kids started hitting forums back in the 1990’s primarily with Brian Bethel’s chilling story of an encounter with two young male appearing Black Eyed Children.  You should read the whole encounter of Brian’s run in with these two entities but in a nutshell, he was in his car and two of them wanted him to “give them a ride”

Luckily for Brian he didn’t because in all likelihood, if he had, he wouldn’t be around to tell the story.

Black Eyed Kids

Common Black Eyed Kid Traits

After combing through the storied about Black Eyed Kids that I can find, there are several traits that seem to commonly apply to run ins with Black Eyed Children.

They Travel in Pairs  – Most encounters with Black Eyed Kids are with two of them.  Why this is, I can only surmise as they need two to take down their prey?  One is usually the speaker while the other stands by silently.  Could it be that one is focusing on their mental attack while the other is verbally communicating with the chosen victim?

Black Eyed Kids Appear in Youthful Form – The normal situation is for the Black Eyed kids to apprear as a pair of kids in the 10 to 16 year old range.  Reports of younger kids are less common and there are a few reports of them appearing as adults as well.

The Insist on Getting Your Permission – Another universal trait is that they need your permission to enter your home, your car or to help you with something.  In some way, you must invite them into your life.  Why?  This sounds like a classic vampire trait, could this be where that part of the vampire legend came from?  Every story so far has come from people that have refused.  I am guessing those that said yes are not around to tell their story.

Black Eyed Kids are Psychic – Another common element among Black Eyed Kid Stories is that they seem to be able to know what we are thinking and will show it by answering questions before we ask them, or by anticipating our actions.  This is very bad because that means they are in our heads.  This also means that they are able to do something truly terrifying, force us to let them in.

They Can Compel Our Actions – Commonly when people encounter Black Eyed Kids, they find themselves opening doors for them or moving to help them without consciously deciding to.  All indications are that the Black Eyed Children can compel our physical actions to help them achieve their goals.

Their Eyes are Completely Black – This is obviously where Black Eyed Kids got their name.  When victims break their trance, they quickly realize that the beings in front of them have completely black eyes.  No white, just bottomless, black orbs.  Some debunkers have claimed that it could be kids with contacts or with the condition of Mydriasis.  If it was just this one trait, I might work with that theory, but this goes well beyond just having black eyes!

Their Clothing is Unusual and Drab – Another common element is that their clothes look old-fashioned or even handmade. This goes along with their strange manner of speaking showing that they don’t seem to have a grasp of human mannerisms. This reminds me of the stories about the Men in Black that appeared in Point Pleasant in the 50s and 60s.

Who or What Are Black Eyed Kids?

This is probably the biggest mystery out there. Where did BEKs come from? What are they? They can mess with our minds, so maybe they don’t even look like normal kids when we’re not being tricked!

There are a lot of ideas floating around. Some people think BEKs could be demons, taking on the form of children to lure us in. Others believe they’re aliens from another planet. Since all the stories about them are pretty recent, the alien idea makes sense to me. But, if that’s true, what do they want from us? Are they studying us? Are they dangerous?

The truth is, we just don’t know yet. The Black Eyed Kids are a fascinating and chilling puzzle, and it’s up to brave researchers to keep digging until we uncover their secrets.

More on What Are Black Eyed Kids

What Do Black Eyed Kids Want?

Nobody leaves an encounter with Black Eyed Kids feeling good. The moment you snap out of their strange control, it’s replaced by pure terror. Imagine being a deer, suddenly realizing a predator has you cornered. That’s the kind of overwhelming fear they bring. Whatever they are, it’s chillingly clear that we’re like prey to them.

But what’s their goal? Do they want to harm us? Do they need something from us? This is the million-dollar question researchers are trying to answer. The unsettling truth is that their motives are as mysterious as their pitch-black eyes.

Reports on Encounters With Black Eyed Children

Here are just a few of the many reports that I’ve received about people’s encounters with Black Eyed Kids.

 Advice if You Encounter Black Eyed Kids

RUN!  Lock your doors, get away from them, and DO NOT let them into your house, car, or mind!  Knowing that they exist may in and of itself be enough to keep them from targeting you.  If they can read our minds they will most likely skip prey that is aware of their existence.  In any case, tell them never to come back and get away from them.

Black Eyed Kids Paperback Books and Resources

There aren’t a lot of factual books out there on Black Eyed Kids, but as I come across them, I’ll add them to this list along with any other resources I find.

Black Eyed Children Book by David Weatherly

Have You Had a Black Eyed Children Encounter?

Have you had an experience with the Black Eyed Children? If so, then we want to hear about it. Click on the link below to report your encounter with the Black Eyed Children and help spread the word about this phenomenon.


Two Black Eyed Kids wanting into your home

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  1. I went to try ghosthunting at an old heritage site that was awaiting restoration while there I got some pictures had more than a few experiences !when arriving home I loaded my pics to my computer and noticed a little girl blonde hair and either black eyes or no eyes at all but leaning more to black .I heard children laughing there as well .now since this occurrence I have had a terrible feeling around my home and have caught this same little girl in photos around my house 3 to be exact , personally I’m afraid as its such a dark smothering feeling here now and when I get that feeling I take a picture and 3 out of the 10 pictures sure enough there she is , should I be afraid !

    1. Doesn’t sound as much like a BEK as you went hunting and instead of you finding them, they found you. I am by no means an expert, but sounds like you need to have a cleansing ritual done on your home to send them away. In my opinion the longer a spirit is hanging around the harder it is for them to be evicted.

      Love to post your story and pics though if we can!

    2. It could be that you brought something back with you. You probably should cleanse your home .

    3. You should be somewhat afraid but the ghost you saw is probably a WEK giving you a warning. The BEKs are coming and soon so give her an offering of white candles and sage

    4. Thats really disturbing… I watched the episode about the BEKs and now im scared when i walk into a new room they’ll be standing there…. What are WEKs? i think its white eyed kids but i dont know…. *shiver* im getting chills just thinking about that experience. Are there precautions to keep them away? If they get in will they do anything? ._.

      1. I think you should keep them at a distance and ask them if they have any sort of weapon or tell them to stand against the wall and search them really good and wear a dog tag with the Holy Cross on it that should protect you

    1. But there is the legend that vampires had to ask permission before entering a home. Where did that come from? Was it a related phenomenon?

      1. I myself have heard many stories of the BEKs and their counterparts with white eyes. But what really gets me going is reports of These BEKs And the WEKs attacking each other I was bombarded with comments from Swedish people leaving comments on the BEKs ant the WEKs fighting But at first I thought it was a prank but after watching the story again and again they are real

        1. First Shadow People, now I read about BEKs. I do remember vaguely the original BEK story by Brian from 1998. Though it’s a very strange story, I didn’t think it was a fabrication, I just remember being creeped out and perplexed. This story is fascinating in the way paranormal stories are, but the BEK vs. WEK ups the ante, and adds even more intrigue to the story. I do think though that considering we use such a small portion of our brain, it would make sense that there may be things that happen outside of our threshold of perception. Hence the common feeling of dread during encounters with BEKs. It only makes sense to heed the instinct. Demons or Aliens? Maybe demons are alien creatures.

  2. No, I’ve never even heard of them before today! But I certainly don’t like the idea of meeting them. This story gave me chills down my spine. Loved it! lol
    Though I am pretty sure I would not love meeting a Black Eyed Kid. Yikes!

  3. I already wrote a post that I let one in. Nothing happened to me. People say that they are scary. Actually, what I felt was an over abundance of sorrow. Not sure why this is.

  4. What about an encounter with the WEKs? They want to make their selves known just like the BEKs Just lookout for the BEK groups there are more reports of BEKs and WEKs traveling in larger groups than just two kids

  5. I had an encounter with a black eyed child, but it does not start out like in the normal descriptions. I was in bed dreaming at the time. The dream I cannot recall, it was a nightmare though and I remember feeling distressed. I awoke suddenly to the sensation that I was not alone.

    The first thing I saw was what looked like old, gray sweat pants and shirt. They were loose and baggy on the body. At first I thought that it may be my brother in my room, but when I looked up it was not him. It was a boy with bangs that framed his face and pitch black eyes staring at me. He was completely gray and his face was expressionless. I recall looking in his eyes and having the sensation that he had been watching my dreams and, perhaps, manipulating the dream. Then I laid down and fell asleep, although I did not know why I did this. Upon awakening I recalled the thought that the boy had made me lay down. However, I did not see another individual in the room with him. He did not talk to me, or threaten me. I do not recall feeling fear before going back to sleep, but upon awakening again in the morning I found myself to be afraid.

  6. I saw a BEK girl years ago. She was not a monster, but a person. Did I let her in – yes. Did something bad happen to me – no. Actions speak louder than words I tell you. What are you actions?

  7. Could it be that BEK’s are actually machines (built by aliens maybe?) disguised as children so we let our guard down, which then leaves us open to psychic attack and do to us whatever it is they want done?

    1. I guess since it seems they can’t impair sensory and motor functions. Or maybe they can if it’s necessary, perhaps the ones that escaped from bad encounters were just allowed to and trying to hold them hostage would be a bad idea. I know how it’s like having the body completely unresponsive after a terrifying sleep paralysis which I doubt was really the case since I was awake at 3AM having insomnia and I couldn’t see or hear the TV.

  8. Honestly, I’m still not sure I have met one but here’s the story. Please know at the time, I didn’t know what a BEK was. This happened roughly ten or twelve years ago when I was in my early 20’s. I was at home with my friend watching movies, when there was a knock at the door. I don’t remember the time but it was dark and was reasonably late, too late for someone to be knocking. I walked to the door puzzled and got a bit of a fright – the door had frosted glass panels and there was a girl pressed up against it trying to peer in. Clearly I’d forgotten to lock the screen door, and it didn’t occur to me until later that neither my friend or I had heard it being opened (it was one of those loud creaky ones). Thankfully the inside light was off and the porch light had come on automatically so I could roughly see her. Wavy/curly short brown hair, tall, pink jumper, jeans. I can’t tell you what age she was, she sounded youngish but was definitely taller than me so she could have been anywhere between 15 – early twenties. I felt uneasy and asked who she was, and pressed against the glass she said ‘I need to come in and use your phone’. I assumed she was a druggie and told her to piss off. She backed away from the door and just stood there. It was so creepy and this is when the dread set in, she literally stood there for who knows how long and just stared. I said several times ‘I’m calling the police’ and she literally just stood there. I told my friend to call the police and she pretended to (as if the police would come, we really didn’t see that as an option) and after who knows how long she just backed away. I saw her outline walk past our fence and then ran out to make sure she didn’t go to my neighbour, but I swear to god she was gone.

    I’ve only recently heard about BEK’s and honestly, I just thought this girl was a druggie. I never saw her eyes (in fact, I remember nothing about them, just a blurred white face through the door panel), my friend was at home with me, and she was alone (not in pairs like people have said). None of this fits the BEK profiles but I clearly remember that feeling of dread which only disappeared when I saw her walk past my fence, when only minutes later I was too scared to even touch the doorknob. And then the asking to use my phone – back then not everyone had a mobile phone, but druggies always asked for money, not the phone. And the fact that she just stood there and stared at me through the door and I was petrified does not make sense, I’ve chased people away with a golf club before but here was this girl in a pink jumper that floored me. Probably not a BEK, but maybe.

  9. I came into contact with a young woman, who I thought looked very young? I gave her my phone number to text me as I thought she needed help. I was concerned about her welfare. so I didnt think to much about this. I looked into her eyes, and I was confused as I realized her eyes were black and I thought this is odd. she smiled at me and I was thinking this looks not right, different, i have never had this encounter. hmm so if i should see her again what do i do?

  10. Look Princess I know you’re confused and scared about the BEKs but only keep the
    Northern and Western BEKs at arm’s length but Eastern BEKs are the most helpful and they wear brighter colored clothes if you read Ace’s story about Eastern BEKs you’ll find he felt joy and warmth not fear and sorrow and if some crazy dude named Godzstr8shooter comes on here and tells you that he met the BEKs just ignore him

  11. they are a demonic entity and there eyes are black because they have no soul and they appear in the form of children because most people have the mind set that kids are pure and not evil there guard is down more

  12. When I was in my late twenties, I had a beautiful six year old daughter named Amber McNeely. One day Amber’s mother Teresa, who had two other children vanished. No one, no relatives, friends or any of Teresa’s children’s fathers ever saw them again. Now we find out that in 1996 Teresa married BEK Author David Weatherly. David and Teresa Weatherly gave the children fake names. And constantly moved around the country so as not to be found. Even knowing this, no one can find any of our loved ones. Why is there no trace of any of them anywhere? If they are hiding, what are they hiding from?

    1. Perhaps they’re hiding from the BEKs If I were in that situation I’d be hiding anywhere I could. But hey I’m sure you’ll see them again Randy Don’t give up hope

    2. How can exactly can they not be found? David has a webpage and he is pretty open about posting his speaking schedule, as for example, he will be in Minneapolis in October for the paradigm conference if any of your claims have any truth behind them why don’t you get the police involved and confront David in Minneapolis this October and stop acting like there is no way you can ever find him, it would probably be more effective than being some kind of weird internet stalker.

      I would also be interested to know why the particulars of your story keep changing, I.e. was your daughter 6, 8, or 10 when her mom took her. I have seen comments from you across the internet and you use a different age in most of them…so which one is actually true…if any of it is.

  13. why can i not stop thinking about this not seen just read but cant get out of my head can someone tell me why ? and how comes i haven’t read anyone seeing hem in uk anyone got the answers ??

  14. Firstly i’m not sure this is the same subject as black eyed children,but I had a life changing experience in 1985 when I was aged 20.
    It was a Sunday morning around 10 am,and an old school friend turned up at my parents house in his fathers black jaguar car.He wanted me to go for a ride in the countryside with him.
    We were driving through Wishaw,near Sutton Coldfield,West Midlands,when he turned into a driveway leading up to a white cottage.He parked the car and pulled the bonnet release on the Jaguar but didn’t say a word since we left my parents house.
    We both got out of the car and he stood on the drivers side of the bonnet and I stood on the other side.
    Then the front door of the cottage opened and a normal looking man walked towards the car but was followed by something else.The man stood beside Ian and (I took it as being female)stood beside me.
    It was maybe 5ft tall,had greyish white skin,no hair and completely black eyes.All this time nobody uttered a word except for me when I looked it in the eyes and just said “i’m sorry”.
    With that the entity and the man walked away towards the cottage,Ian shut the bonnet,and we both got into the car.He started the engine and drove me home,
    When I saw his blue eyes in the rear view mirror as he was driving they looked glazed over.
    The next morning I drove to work and as I was approaching the depot gates(Birmingham City Engineers Department) I noticed an asian looking man stood besides the gates.He gave me a nasty look that cut right through me.
    I parked my car in the car park and made my way to the office to collect my job sheet for the day and my emergency van keys.My work colleague’s were in the office but they all had the same black eyes I had seen the previous day.
    I told my supervisor I didn’t feel well and asked if i could go home.
    After that I never returned to my job,left home to start afresh 300 miles away.

  15. I am not entirely sure this was even a BEK encounter, but the feelings that are normally described when encountering BEKs was present when this happened to me.

    I start work at 6 a.m. every morning and always call a taxi to my house at 5:30 a.m. to pick me up.
    There was nothing unusual about this morning at all. It was cold, dark and wet from raining throughout the night. My street is always completely dead at this time in the morning, you could hear a pin drop.
    My taxi arrived and I left the house and on my way over to the taxi, even though it was dark, I could make out someone standing at the end of the street (I’m not great at judging distances, but only a few feet away.)
    It was a medium-sized slim teen-aged-looking boy (didn’t see his face but if I was to guess – by height, I’d say between ages 14-16.)
    He was wearing a hoodie with the hood up. I sensed him staring at me and watching me as I opened the taxi door to step in. I got the most dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something bad was going to happen.
    After I fastened my seat belt, I looked out the rear window to see the boy walk very slowly and almost mechanically onto the road. I watched him intently, I couldn’t even blink. Once he was on the road, he stood there with his legs slightly apart, arms by his side and head facing down slightly, though I could not see his face (I felt him watching me!)
    I got so wrapped up in watching this weirdo that I didn’t even hear the taxi driver asking where I was going to. I eventually told the driver my destination and as he drove out of the street, I watched the strange boy shrink in the distance, as he watched and stared at me in the taxi until I exited the street.
    All day I couldn’t stop thinking about the strange encounter.
    To this day I still think about it.
    I argued with myself for days and days, telling myself it was probably just some weird psycho wanting to murder someone or something and that I had a lucky escape – but there was something about the whole situation that makes me feel very disturbed.
    For one, I am used to seeing all sorts of people (as I live in Glasgow, Scotland – which is where this happened.) It could have EASILY been a junkie or something just wanting to mug someone or whatever, but I have NEVER been able to shake the feeling I got that morning from that boy.
    It was a deep, deep feeling of dread and fear.
    So even though I didn’t see his face or eyes, I get this instinctive feeling that this WAS a black eyed kid – who I was VERY lucky to have avoided.
    I told a couple of family members but they just don’t understand. I find it hard to describe the feeling I had that morning. Even when I remember it and try to type it up now it gives me a real horrible feeling in my gut.
    I don’t know what you’ll think of this as I know mostly everyone’s encounters with these beings seem very different from mine.
    But I strongly feel there was something deeply wrong with the slight encounter… it haunts me badly and I’m always wondering if it will ever happen again.
    I hope not…

  16. Your story sounds more like you picked up an attachment on your ghost hunt than a black eyed children encounter. From all accounts black eyed children require consent, you make no mention of having actually encountering anything much less consenting. An attachment is another story, they do not require consent and can attach without your knowledge or permission. I suggest a clear, cleanse and seal ritual. I strongly suggest the 3 part ritual rather than just the cleansing, if you just do the cleansing, the entities can return later, after the smoke clears. Clear will clear the air, so to speak, cleanse will remove unwanted energy, seal will prevent the unwanted energy from returning.

  17. I was falling asleep, or at least trying to. I had an eerie feeling of dread for no apparent reason. I managed to fall asleep, but it was rather short lived, I woke up and I was acutely aware that something felt wrong, and I looked to my right, to my bed stand, and I clearly saw this black eyed being hovering over my lamp, it had a bronzish colour to it, its skin and clothes all had this same tone, except for it black eyes, and it looked like it was decomposing, its face was almost skeletal, it was almost curled into a ball and cleverly just beyond my reach. it looked me in the eye and it tried to overwhelm me with fear, but I my fight or flight response is intense and responded to the fear it tried to force over me, and I reached for it, to grab it and bring it closer, but it immediately vanished, I can’t say what would have happened if it was closer, but my fight response is pretty bloodthirsty, I have encountered a few different entities before, so all I can say is that if I got ahold of him, I wanted to destroy it… I have not encountered anything like that specifically, before that night, and nothing since, this happened last week Wednesday… I did not invite it or anything and I only saw one, it was pretty tall as well. it has not returned since…

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