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Black Eyed Kids Encounter

Firsthand Account of an Encounter With a Black Eyed Kid

One of the major complaints people have with Black Eyed Kids stories is that they tend to fall into the category of “something that happened to a friend of a friend” which really hinders the credibility.  This Black Eyed Kids encounter was submitted by a reader of this site and has only been edited for clarity.

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Black Eyed Kids Encounter

Ok this a true story, believe me or not but this is my experience with black eyed kids.

I was over my aunts house waiting for her to get home so she could give me a ride to my house. While I was waiting my little cousin came home his dad had dropped him off and he told me to just watch him until his mom came home (my aunt). We sat on the couch my cousin didn’t say anything to me, which is weird for him, hes one of those little kids who loves to talk.

I hear his dad pull out of the drive way, but I didn’t hear him drive away, and what seemed like not even 5 minutes later some one else knocks on the door I’m thinking its him, so I look outside the window but her TV is in the way so I can see outside but I can’t see who is at the door but I don’t see or hear any car outside.

I got kinda scared right off the bat like I usually do when I’m home alone it’s really quite in the house. I forgot all about my cousin on the couch so I just stand there by the window, hoping who ever was there would leave. It was quiet for a few minutes, so I started to walk back to the couch what is weird is that I was walking back to the same couch my cousin was on but I don’t remember seeing him there.

Right when I start walking away someone knocks on the window. I was still pretty close to the window so it made me jump. I yelled who is it and they said it’s me, (thats what my family members say instead of stating who they are).

So I relaxed thinking it was my aunt I didn’t even bother to listen to voice that called out which I know now wasn’t my aunt. I opened the door and it was two kids, one taller than the other. At first I’m thinking their both boys they kept their head down so I couldn’t see their eyes at first they were wearing two over sized hoodies and jeans. The hoodies were black, they were kids like me (I was only 15, 16 now) so I said “what”.

They said “can we come in?”, and they sounded scared and nervous at first, which to me explained why their heads were down, I said “no” that’s when they both lifted up their heads and I saw their eyes which were all black honestly it looked like little black dots on their face it wasn’t like the pictures you see on Google with big eyes and this made them look even more scary.

But I really wasn’t scared. They were kids like me and we still had a locked screen door between us. Then they both said together “I need to call my mom.”  It was like something out of a corny scary movie. I looked closely at them and the hoodies that they were wearing were now fitted. Before their hoodies were three sizes to big and they were gray now instead of black and their hoods weren’t on their heads now and I could see their hair.

I now knew that the older kid was a boy and the little one was a girl. I never took my eyes off of these strange kids but yet everything about them were changing. They were never smiling before but now their faces looked really mad and frustrated, the little one then said “please we need to come in please just say yes” and she said this really mad and loud. It wasn’t with a little girl voice now I’m really scared of these kids.

I look down at the screen door between us and it was no longer locked but it was open that is when I saw the older one reaching for it and I slammed the door shut and I tried to lock it but I couldn’t lock it and these weren’t no complicated locks but my hands just weren’t working with me at all I couldn’t even twist the locks.

I kept trying for what seemed like forever but it felt like something was messing with my hands so I gave up ran to the couch and sat down staring at the door, I was just ready for these kids to bust in. I was ready to fight so I didn’t think to call anyone, but nothing happened and it was just quiet in the house.

Now I’m finally remembering my cousin so I look over and he’s on the far end of the couch curled up so I think hes sleep, so for he next hour I just sat on the couch straight up with my fist balled I was shaking twitching. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t then finally my aunt showed up and as soon as she walked in the door my cousin popped up to greet his mom like he was never sleep at all there was nothing drowsy about him, so I’m thinking he had to be up threw out that whole ordeal.

I stayed over my aunts and in the morning everything was back to normal and my cousin was back to normal but he didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned the kids. I asked everyone all around my neighborhood and my family members no one knew what I was talking about. I thought who would take a joke this far then I saw this show on TV called Monsters and Mysteries in America and that’s when I decided to research this and I’ve been reading about the Black Eyed Kids for weeks. I don’t know if everyone’s stories about this is real but I absolutely believe in this I don’t know what would have happened if I let them in but I just hope I am never a witness to something like this ever again.

I don’t like this kind of stuff but I am a believer definitely.

Analysis of This BEK Encounter

There are several pieces to this account that ring very true to the BEK pattern

  • Plain clothes, hoodies in this case
  • Insistence on be invited or allowed in
  • Frustration at being denied
  • Mental domination
  • Isolation of the victim

The facet of BEK encounters that for me take it from kids hoaxing people, especially now that the phenomenon is gaining exposure is the pyschic aspect of these encounter.  In almost every Black Eyed Kids encounter, victims report some sort of telepathy, generally in the form of responding to something the victim was thinking, or mental domination of some sort, compelling them to do something.

In this case I suspect the BEK were using their mental domination to shut down the victim’s cousin to isolate them.  After that, the problems with locking the door sound a lot like more mental manipulation more than just nerves.

It is my opinion that this is a far more common occurrence that most people would guess and that it has stayed quiet because most people have assumed that it has only happened to them.

Have you had an encounter with the Black Eyed Kids?

If you have had and experience with the BEK then please let us know!  It is important that we document as many of these encounters as possible to try and answer some questions as to who or what the Black Eyed Kids actually are!


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  2. There is some suggestion of the supernatural here as their appearance kept changing to suit the situation. I wonder what would happen if you grabbed one of these kids and held them for the police. My bet is that you will never catch one…

    1. Richie how much money are you willing to bet that I won’t capture a BEK? I mean I’ve been told by all kinds of people ;Oh I bet you a dollar you can’t do that or this but I did that which they said I couldn’t do

  3. The whole story sounds like a dream to me. As if he fell asleep on the couch while he was waiting and had a vivid dream. The way the kids and their cloths kept changing, and the way his hands wouldn’t work for him are very suggestive of a dream.

  4. Hello Reader,

    My name will not be told quite yet but I have never encountered these black eyed kids before but I have been experiencing paranormal since I was 6 or 5 and I do believe black eyed children do have some sort of ability to mess with your mind but also just to get you thinking do you think these black eyed children were once people or are they like any other paranormal creature and try to give you a message? if you have any questions for me then ask away: [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer

    – Blue

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