9 thoughts on “Black Eyed Kids Encounter”

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  2. There is some suggestion of the supernatural here as their appearance kept changing to suit the situation. I wonder what would happen if you grabbed one of these kids and held them for the police. My bet is that you will never catch one…

    1. Richie how much money are you willing to bet that I won’t capture a BEK? I mean I’ve been told by all kinds of people ;Oh I bet you a dollar you can’t do that or this but I did that which they said I couldn’t do

  3. The whole story sounds like a dream to me. As if he fell asleep on the couch while he was waiting and had a vivid dream. The way the kids and their cloths kept changing, and the way his hands wouldn’t work for him are very suggestive of a dream.

  4. Hello Reader,

    My name will not be told quite yet but I have never encountered these black eyed kids before but I have been experiencing paranormal since I was 6 or 5 and I do believe black eyed children do have some sort of ability to mess with your mind but also just to get you thinking do you think these black eyed children were once people or are they like any other paranormal creature and try to give you a message? if you have any questions for me then ask away: [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer

    – Blue

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