1902 North Idaho Wild Man

1902 Bigfoot encounter

Before the term Bigfoot took hold, many old papers referred to tall, hairy humanoids in the woods as ‘wild men’. This report from January in 1902 describes people’s encounter with what sounds exactly like a Bigfoot. Below is the report that went out to papers all across the country, describing a group of people’s encounter […]

Can Bigfoot Catch Covid-19?

Bigfoot Covid-19

Covid-19 is everyone’s minds right now whether or not you want it to be. The news about it and precautions to take are everywhere. One question that has been popping up in Bigfoot groups is if Bigfoot can catch Covid-19. Everything I’ve read indicates that it is very likely that Bigfoot and kin are susceptible […]

1884 Wildman of Ottowa

1800s Bigfoot news clipping

Papers from the 1800s and early 1900s are littered with reports of ‘wild men’. This story was clipped from The Republic of Columbus Indiana and was published on August 1st, 1883. In this case a what sounds more like a Bigfoot briefly terrorized people in Pembroke, near Ottowa, Canada. Stories of wild men pop up […]

Macatawa Michigan Bigfoot photo

Macatawa Bigfoot photo

Macatawa Unmanned Systems recently posted a photo from one of their trail cams that they think might be Bigfoot. The question is if this Blobsquatch is a Bigfoot or a publicity stunt.

Why don’t we find Bigfoot remains

finding a bigfoot carcass

Question: If human remains can be found in the Pacific Northwest many years after a death, why can’t anyone find Bigfoot remains? We absolutely could find Bigfoot remains in the woods, but the odds of it happening are incredibly small due to several very reasonable factors that we will go over in this article First, […]

Why bigfoot footprints are so hard to find

cast of Bigfoot print

While wandering down muddy trails in very squatchy territory where I may have a brush with a Bigfoot, I got to wondering why are Bigfoot prints so hard to find? You would think that in an area with 600-800# bipeds walking around, that there would be more footprints to find, especially in soft earth. Despite […]

Brenda Hamliton – Death by Dogman

Was Hamilton killed by a Dogman?

Brenda Hamilton was attacked by some unknown animal and ultimately died of her wounds. No one can say what attacked her, but I think it could have been a Dogman.

Provo Utah Bigfoot 01/02/19

Provo Bigfoot

While loading up their cars, a family spots a Bigfoot lurking in the hills near their home outside of Provo Utah. Luckily they had the presence of mind to film it as it moved around.