Taiwanese Transparent ‘Alien’ Photo

Is this a real alien caught on an iPhone or a digital artifact? The Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) recently released a photo of what is purportedly a translucent alien out for a walk. The photo was taken by a policeman at Jiaming Lake in Taiwan’s Taitung County. The image was supposed to be a landscape […]

Photo of Alien Outside Car Window

Aliens Have Perfected the PhotoBomb! One of the hottest UFO and Alien related photos on the web right now is this photo of what is supposed to be an alien outside the car window.  What do you think?  I think that the Aliens are done testing on us and are now perfecting the art of […]

Free UFO/Extraterrestrial ebooks

Looking for free ebooks related to UFO, aliens and extraterrestrials? Here is a growing list of free ebooks, many in PFD format for you to download today!

7′ Reptilian Repeatedly Visits Olympia Man’s Home!

What is harassing this man’s home near Olympia, WA? I had a feeling it was trying to lure me to the door, It was reptilian, it had eyes similar to the Grey alien everyone talks of but it had scales on its head and its shoulders. It also had bony spike shapes over his skull […]

Astronomer Claims NASA Photo Shows Alien Fossil

Did NASA find an alien? UFO researcher Scott C. Waring is claiming that a NASA Mars rover photo shows the fossilized remains of an alien life form.  What do you think? I must admit I am more than a bit dubious about this one.  To me it looks like a pile of rocks.  Like people seeing […]

Grey Alien Sighted in Texas?

Is this a Grey alien that was caught on tape or something mundane? A Texas man claims to have snapped a photographed of a “Grey” alien in the woods of Texas.  According to a sources,  Gary Richards reportedly took the photo in the woods near Cibolo, TX. As he was going through the pictures, he […]