“Found This Photograph On My Phone, Have No Memory Of Taking It…”

Was This Person Abducted And Have A Photograph To Prove It? A recent post on Reddit by Killerfishfinger has started a serious debate as to how a mysterious photograph could have shown up on his cell phone.  With no recollection of anything happening or of taking the photograph, rational answers are in short supply! “The ‘details’ bit […]

Invisible Force Shakes Car In Japan

The witness was on their way to work on September 29, 2013 and had just rolled down their car window when their vehicle and the ground around it started “buzzing”. They felt that there was a UFO in the air above them, but that they couldn’t see it.

Snowden Says USA Controlled By Tall White Aliens and Nazis

More Leaked Files Reveal Shocking Revelations On January 14, 2014 I caught the Coast to Coast AM show discussion the revelations that the USA may be controlled by tall white aliens and Nazis.  This piqued my curiosity so I have been doing some digging. As usual, it looks like the UFO rumor mill is getting […]

Earthquake Induced UFOs

I came across this article out of China and it was intriguing. Obviously it doesn’t explain all UFOs, but it does explain some of the strange phenomenon that has been reported over the years.  In 2008 a person with a cell phone caught these lights in the sky, just prior to the Sichuan earthquake. This […]

Odd UFO Report From South Africa

This story of a UFO sighting in South Africa has been making the rounds and I thought I would post it and get our reader’s thoughts.  The original posting comes from The Costarican Times, if someone has an earlier reference, please let me know! The basics of the story, and I am sticking with that […]

Akureyri Iceland Unidentified Falling Object

Is This Really A UFO Over Iceland? Recently some footage of a supposed UFO was uploaded to YouTube.  The video is of an unidentified fiery object coming down and landing squarely in the town of Akureyri, Iceland. The 43-second-clip  shows a fireball suddenly appearing in the sky and heading steadily downwards before vanishing in a […]

Visit from Aliens Carved Into a Rock Wall in India

Do Footprints in India Commemorate Alien Visitors? A recent article out of India highlights what appear to be ancient footprints that were carved into a rock wall, accompanied by what appears to be some flying machine or UFO.  Is this how the local people set down, quite litererally in stone, a memory of an alien […]

UFO Approaches ISS

Is This Evidence of UFOs in Space? There are lots of photos of things we can’t identify, and in this one, we are seeing what is claimed to be a UFO near the ISS (International Space Station).  What do you think it is?  Here is a snippet from the site I found this originally on. […]

Security Cam Footage of UFO Over Florida Pool

Did a Security Cam in Florida Catch a UFO? The news from Naples Florida is that a security cam caught an unidentified object floating and messing around over a pool.  Seems odd, but who knows, maybe they were wanting to cool off. I’m going to say that it probably wasn’t ETs dropping by for a […]

New Roswell UFO Reporting Center

A New Website for Reporting UFO Sightings The UFO reporting site RoswellSightings.com has recently  launched in partnership with the  International UFO Museum And Research Center of Roswell, New Mexico allows people to post any UFO sightings or alien encounters or abductions they have had. The website itself is a general science/sci-fi/UFO site with a little […]