The Hunt For Black Eyed Kids

Sometimes I stumble on something that is paranormal related and just fun!

OK, will start this post off with the caveat that I haven’t gotten a chance to watch this movie yet, but it looks like a good B-grade romp into the land of Black Eyed Children.  Just from the trailer I can see that it isn’t quite holding tight to the actual sightings of Black Eyed Kids, but that is OK, it is just a movie.

The Hunt For Black Eyed Kids Movie Trailer

Report Black Eyed Kid Encounters!

Have you had and experience with the Black Eyed Children? If so, then we want to hear about it. Click on the link below to report your encounter with the Black Eyed Children and help spread the word about this phenomenon.


The movie stars and is promoted by HauntedSunshineGirl (HSG) who has her own YouTube channel and has a definite curiosity for the paranormal.  Watch the trailer and if you like it, the download is only $3 so I encourage you to support small film makers and spend the money.  Just skip the Starbucks tomorrow morning and you will be up at least $2 on the day.

 As usual, leave your comments below!  If you think this movie looks great, hate it, or have seen it and want to comment I don’t care.  Just be brave and speak up.  Of course if you have had a run in with the Black Eyed Children let me know, I would love to post about it!

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  1. Loved the movie it could have had a little more footage of the BEKs and id love to see what happened to Sunshine Girl after she had her run in with the BEKs

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