Bigfoot protects 3 year old for two nights in the woods

Casey Hathaway protected by Bigfoot
Photo via WTVD

Lost for two days in the woods, protected by a Bigfoot Casey Hathway is home and safe.

For those of you not familiar with the story, Casey Hathaway went missing from his Grandmother’s yard on Tuesday, January 22nd of 2019. He had been playing with two other children in his grandmother’s backyard Tuesday, but didn’t come inside with them.

A frantic search began for the missing boy. In addition to local efforts, FBI, state investigators and the U.S. Marines Corps from nearby bases at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point assisted in the search. By the end of the first day, no sign of Casey, and with the weather hovering close to freezing overnight, his odds of survival were not good.

Forested area Casey Hathaway went missing in.

How could such a small boy go missing so fast? Searchers were worried about him not just being lost, but also that he may have fallen into one of the sinkholes or water filled ditches and gullies in the area.

Casey found near home

A potential tragedy was averted and hearts lifted when on Thursday evening, a report of a crying child, led rescuers into 40 to 50 yards into a wooded area, roughly half a mile from where he went missing, tangled up in some brush and calling out for his mother.

Aside from a few scrapes and bumps, Casey was perfectly fine and is home with his family, but how did he survive two nights in the woods without food, water or shelter. Casey says that he had a friend with him and that a friendly bear kept him safe.

Puzzled at his mysterious reappearance, Craven County Authorities are still working determine what exactly happened. They suspect that Casey was moving around in the woods while they searched for him.


The question that I have is how did a 3-year-old wander far enough fast enough to elude more than a hundred searchers? The sheriff claims Casey must have been moving around the woods to not have been found by searchers.

Then there is his mysterious reappearance a half mile from where he went missing. How could the searchers have missed a boy so close to home? Finally, we come to the issue of the “friendly bear” that kept him safe for two nights.

I propose that it was no bear but a Bigfoot that either found Casey Hathaway or abducted then later returned him to a place where searchers would find him. This sounds considerably like a Missing 411 case with a happy conclusion.

What do you think? What was it that kept Casey safe for two nights in the woods? Post your comment below!

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  1. A small child could easily mistake a bigfoot for a friendly bear… and it’s much more likely that a bigfoot would protect the child. The bear probably would have considered him lunch.

    1. I like that idea. We need to let these “mysterious” entities or creatures know that we appreciate their kindness and acknowledge that they’re not all bad. There are many good ones in fact. If anything, I’d probably be more afraid of humans…and definitely afraid of the bear.

  2. Has there been any updates to this story? Why hasn’t anyone dug a little deeper into this child’s story? Kinda find it hard to believe he could have survived those temps without some assistance.

  3. Seriously? A bear? Two nights sleeping on leaves & grass.??? Maybe the 3 yr. old slept under a picnic table…I give the sheriff 5 Pinocchio’s…. any damn fool knows a female BF watched over the “3” yr. old….the “Fed’s” told the sheriff that 2 & 2 is really 7… got it? I have an Android of a 14 ft. BF with his female other half;, another husband /wife BF, a couple of kids and various ‘2’ uncles, all staring at me 35 ft. away while I took photo of them….they could have come out of the brush and snapped my neck in seconds…

  4. An article I read said that there was whistling on top of a mountain and the rescue team found him on top of the mountain and when they asked the little boy how he learned to whistle like that he said it wasn’t me it was the tall hairy man.

  5. I have so many questions…. Like, why did he go walking in the woods? What did he see in the woods? When did he meet the bear? What did the bear look like? Did the bear talk? Did the bear pick him up? Did he sleep outside? Did the bear feed him?, if so what? When did the bear leave him and why? What did the hospital say about whether he had eaten or not? What was his His physical condition? Mental? What was he wearing when he went missing? Was he wearing the same clothes when found? Were the close wet/dirty? What did his shoes look like wet/muddy? Did he hear people calling for him? Has his story about the bear ever changed? What has his parents said about the experience? Have they noticed any changes in his behavior? Does he have nightmares? Now that he is older what does he recall if anything about his missing experience? What do the parents say now about he disappearance?

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