Bigfoot Covid-19

Can Bigfoot Catch Covid-19?

Covid-19 is everyone’s minds right now whether or not you want it to be. The news about it and precautions to take are everywhere. One question that has been popping up in Bigfoot groups is if Bigfoot can catch Covid-19.

Everything I’ve read indicates that it is very likely that Bigfoot and kin are susceptible to Covid-19 and in fact many other human born respiratory viruses.

Bigfoot Covid-19
If Bigfoot can catch Covid-19 is more of a serious question that you would think.

Apes and monkies that share 98-99% of our DNA are susceptible to human ailments. In fact, right now they are shutting down reserves for apes to tourists and reviewing research procedures because they don’t want them to get infected.

It is unknown whether the morbidity and mortality associated with SARS-CoV-2 in humans are similar in apes. However, transmission of even mild human pathogens to apes can lead to moderate-to-severe outcomes


Since the research is showing that Bigfoot shares DNA with humans, it is very likely that they would be susceptible to Covid-19. To what degree they are and how it affects them we will likely never know. Luckily Bigfoot is the king of hide and seek and is probably never going to be exposed to it.

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