Macatawa Bigfoot photo

Macatawa Michigan Bigfoot photo

The Macatawa Unmanned Systems Facebook page recently posted a photo that they are asking people to help decide is a photo of Bigfoot or not. As usual, with Bigfoot photos, it is more Blobsquatch than anything else.

Macatawa Bigfoot photo
Is this Bigfoot caught on a trail cam?

Most comments on this photo agree that it is a person in leafy camouflage/ghillie suit and the slow shutter speed and flash create enough of a blur to make it hard to identify.

How many people in ghillie suits are mistaken as Bigfoot?

I think it is probably a good guess that this is just a human since Bigfoot avoids trail cams and somehow knows where they are, even if they are hidden. There is also a chance this was published to get a little attention to their products.

If you have a different opinion, drop a comment down below!

Here is the original post from Macatawa on their supposed Bigfoot photo.

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