News and stories relating to Big Foot. This includes research, hunting, and the other variations on Big Foot, like Yeti, Snow Ape and Skunk Ape.

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Battle in Ape Canyon

Fred Beck, one of the miners, claimed they shot and possibly killed at least one of the creatures. The death resulted in an attack on the miners’ cabin.

Bigfoot Murders – Bigfoot Killed Trapper In Idaho

Old Story Of A Bigfoot Murdering A Trapper In Idaho Here is a video from Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization  who recently traveled to Idaho to the location of what for all intense and purposes, is the site of where a Bigfoot murdered a trapper back in the early 1800s.  The story […]

Squamish BC Bigfoot Video

The first reaction to seeing a large, black humanoid hiking fast across a snowy mountain top is that it is Bigfoot. I am thinking that is exactly what these two hikers caught on video.

Hibagon Japanese Bigfoot Video Hoax

This video of what is supposed to be the Japanese Hibagon has been making the rounds on the web the last few days and I’m not sure how anyone can seriously say that this is genuine footage of a real cryptid creature.

Bigfoot Invades Detroit

Does Bigfoot Pack a Gun and Wear Body Armor? One of the more interesting Bigfoot encounters I’ve heard is this one out of the suburbs of Detroit.  According to a report submitted to CryptoZoologyNews, a family that was house hunting in the blighted suburbs of Detroit encountered what sounds to me like a young Bigfoot […]

Is Upstate New York a Bigfoot Haven?

Credible Sightings of Bigfoot in New York West coast people have a hard time imagining that Bigfoot could live on the east coast because we imagine that it is nothing but vast tracts of housing developments and cities, but the reality is that a good deal of the east coast of the United States remains […]

Do Bigfoot Move Through Ohio?

Does  a Recent Bigfoot Track  Point to Bigfoot Migrations? A recent news report out of Ohio is claiming that some local people have found a footprint belonging to a Bigfoot, but that isn’t what is interesting about this story.  It is the claims that Bigfoot move through their area at regular intervals and speaks to […]

Slovenian Bigfoot Video

Is This a Bigfoot or a Tree in This Video? How bad can Bigfoot videos be? The “Slovenian Bigfoot Video ” claims to have been shot back in 2005 (if you believe the caption) and supposedly has two Bigfoot in it. This video suffers from the same problem as UFO photos where people review what […]

“Someone Shot Bigfoot!!!”

Here We Go With Another “Bigfoot Has Been Shot” Tale The news coming out of of rural Pennsylvania blew up this week with headlines along the lines of “Another Bigfoot Shot”.  Well, by the end of the week we have several versions of this story.  After reading a bunch of them, here are the possibilities […]

Video of Bigfoot Sighting Near Seattle

Is This a Legitimate Bigfoot Video or a Hoax? This Bigfoot video purports to be old footage of a Bigfoot caught on tape back in the 1990s.  Is it a real Bigfoot video or a hoax.  I have watched it a couple times and my opinion is that this is a fake. There are several […]