Mike Wooley talks about his Bigfoot encounter

The Mike Wooley Bigfoot Encounter

What would you do if you found yourself being chased by not one, but two angry Bigfoot? In the case of the Mike Wooley Bigfoot encounter, that is exactly what he had to contend with.

Mike Wooley was out deer hunting in the woods near Keatchie, Louisiana in December of 1981 when, instead of him finding deer, a pair of Bigfoot found him. As he recounts his encounter, he was in his deer stand, when a deer that was obviously being chased, broke out of the brush and stopped to rest at the base of his stand.

When he looked up from the deer at his feet, his eyes fell on a 7′-8′ tall black, hairy, humanoid creature. His first impression is that someone was trying to scare him out of his deer stand and so he started chewing out what he thought was a person. When it didn’t answer back, he raised up his rifle and looked at it through the rifle scope. This is when he realized it wasn’t a man in a suit.

At this point, the Bigfoot he was looking at, let out a roar that was answered by a whistle from a few hundred yards away. The first Bigfoot answered back with a whistle of its own and soon Wooley could hear a second creature coming through the brush towards him.

Fearing for his life, he got out of his tree stand and beat feet for his truck. Looking back, he saw that the creature was plowing through the brush after him. Reaching the truck, he fired a warning shot at it, that bought him just enough time to unlock his truck and take off.

Looking back he realized that the other Bigfoot had been coming up the logging road, in what sounds to me, like an attempt to cut him off.

Is the Mike Wooley Bigfoot encounter real

The only person that can say with 100% certainty what happened that day is Mike Wooley. The consensus online, looking at the comments is that he is telling the truth. I have to agree, he shows no signs of lying or embellishing on his Bigfoot encounter.

This is one of the most believable story I ever watch. Firstly as a former MP, I observed real fear in his eyes, nobody who’s lying or exaggerating a story can pull that out, not even good actors or actress. Secondly, I could tell he is a military brother so his approach to the event was very cautious and intelligent. I do believe this gentleman is speaking truth to this event and I don’t have a doubt that he was afraid for his life. I’m a skeptic and science men, this event doesn’t convince me of the existent of this creature nor can’t count as true evidence but I do believe that this gentleman faced something or someone that scares the whisket out of him.

Judiel Gonzalez – Former MP

The Bigfoot and their reactions to Mike

Several things about the Mike Wooley Bigfoot encounter stand out to me. The first is that it appears that the two Bigfoot were attempting to run down a deer. Running a deer until it can’t go any farther is a very old trick that has let humans kill game for millennia.

Because we have efficient mechanisms for dealing with heat, like sweating, we can run for tens of miles. Most four legged creatures can not maintain a run for that long. That these two Bigfoot appear to have been utilizing this technique is very interesting.

The communication between the two Bigfoot is also interesting. The whistling back and forth is obviously a way to communicate, and it is obvious that they were coordinating their efforts both on the deer and with Mr. Wooley.

Many comments online call out that if the Bigfoot was that close, how could he have outrun it. In my estimation, the Bigfoot he could see, knew he had a gun and wasn’t about to get shot. Instead, it was staying back just far enough to push him out of the woods, but that it could have some cover if he started shooting.

As for the other Bigfoot, I suspect that if it had gotten ahead of him and could have ambushed him, Mike Wooley’s Bigfoot encounter would have turned into a Missing 411 case.

Mike Wooley’s advice for people

At the end of his interview about his Bigfoot encounter, Mike Wooley gives some advice for people that might encounter a Bigfoot. To start with he says to “don’t fool with them, don’t make eye contact with them.” This is pretty good advice as any of these could be perceived as a threat.

He also emphasizes to never point a gun at a Bigfoot. As I’ve stated before, Bigfoot know what guns are and that they are dangerous. Pointing a gun at a Bigfoot may get a reaction that ends badly for you.

Have you had a Bigfoot encounter?

If you have had an encounter with Bigfoot, we would love to hear about it. Hit the button below and drop us a message telling all about what you experience.

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  1. The first time Mike Wooley told this story, he said the deer was foaming with sweat from running away from the creatures and that the deer came and laid down under his stand for protection. I think Mr Wooley had been watching too many Disney movies. Number one, deer are like dogs, they do not sweat. Number two, deer don’t seek humans or anything else for protection. After initially saying the deer was wet with sweat, someone must have told him that deer don’t sweat and he changed his story. If you’re going to make up a story like this, you need to know how to make it more believable.

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