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  1. Leeburstroghm
    May 8, 2020 @ 12:35 am

    Lincoln City Oregon have met 2 people who have seen the white or albino Sasquatch. I myself have seen directly this creature just north of Newport Oregon. My experience with profound that’s day as was another’s that I had spoke to his day had some strange occurrences as well. These creatures, like their cousin Bigfoot, have abilities to blur or become unnoticeable. My sighting was at a distance of about 8 feet 10 feet maybe I was in the passenger side of a automobile and this being was coming out from under some brush in a ditch off the West Side shoulder of 101 as we were headed south. It look into my eyes as I looked into it, it had a black face black skin couldn’t see hands grayish around the head and two white or what a movie called White on the shoulders rest of body. must have been two or three seconds our eyes were locked, and it felt me feel.what it felt, I sensed that it noticed that i sensed it feel me feel it.. If that makes sense.. there was a strange circumstance that evening wear it felt to me as if somebody there was angry with me really didn’t want me at this Gatherings that we attended. Sometime later couple hours or so, some drunk cowboy in the back starts yelling and his taste for me and it was either brawl time or leave and I did not care too much so we decided it was not worth figuring out. I was still very curious as to the whereabouts those feelings were coming from. because none of it made sense. So I kefir questioning, where is this coming from. Not 30 seconds after getting in the car and heading off, I get my answer and more questions.


    • Cliff
      June 20, 2020 @ 10:41 am

      That is interesting. I know someone that has seen a white Bigfoot while driving through Oregon. Makes me wonder if there is a group with that genetics in it down there.


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