Does Bigfoot Kill Dogs?

Protect your dog from Bigfoot

Does Bigfoot befriend dogs?

It has been long held that Bigfoot is not a fan of dogs, but does Bigfoot kill dogs on site? Or are Bigfoot friendly to dogs?

 No small number of accounts point to their aggression towards them and even them killing dogs that get too close.  But is the reputation of Bigfoot being a dog hater really justified or is there more to the story?

Initial reflex would say that it makes sense that Bigfoot would be aggressive to dogs outright because in the wild they would compete with wolves and coyotes or possibly even have their young hunted by wolves.  Then I saw this video and it raised some questions about the idea that Bigfoot outright hates dogs.  Take a look and see what you think.

Why Does One Dog Not React But The Pair Does?

For all intents and purposes, in both encounters, both dogs should have been in danger, but clearly, the solo dog doesn’t react with fear at all.  Clearly, the pair of dogs understand that they are in mortal danger and flee accordingly.  What is the difference then?

Evidence That Bigfoot Kills Dogs

Where does one start with the stories of Bigfoot killing dogs?  There are accounts pretty much as far back as there have been people with dogs encroaching on the wild places.

The Momo of Missouri

Here is one account that illustrates that Bigfoot kills and carries off dogs from more recent years.

The Momo saga began on July 11, 1972. The Harrison family lived in a house along what was then known as Marzolf Hill. On a hot summer day, 8-year-old Terry Harrison and his 5-year-old brother, Wally, were chasing their dog through the woods.

Suddenly, 15-year-old Doris Harrison, who was inside, heard her brothers screaming, ran to the window and saw a creature she described as perhaps 7 feet tall with dark hair covering its face. It held a dead dog under its arm and blood — apparently from the dog — flecked the dark hair of the beast. And, ooh, that smell! (Source)

Man’s 911 Call Reporting A Bigfoot That He Suspects Killed His Dog

Not empirical evidence, but if a 8-9′ creature is prowling the night and your dog winds up dead, it is likely a Bigfoot took it out.  Here is a man’s call to 911 reporting what sounds like a Bigfoot that is prowling his property.

Coon Hound Killed In 1952

Another account of Bigfoot killing dogs comes from a series of events in 1952 in which what appears to have been a Bigfoot killed several animals.

But that wasn’t the first time the Yoakam family had experienced an encounter with the beast. In 1952 one of their children and a friend were hunting, when the same blood curling sound suddenly erupted. Their dog tried to catch the animal, but by the time the boys had reached the spot of the incident, the canine was laying dead with a broken neck. (Source)

The stories continue, all illustrating that Bigfoot has no problem killing dogs that cross their path.  Even in the Missing 411 books, David Paulides points out that many of the people that go missing are in the company of dogs.  Does Bigfoot take intrusion of humans in the companionship of canines as a hostile event?

Evidence Bigfoot Tolerates Dogs

Despite all the tales illustrating that  Bigfoot kills dogs, there are others that show that Bigfoot tolerates or even likes some dogs.

Thom Powell, in his book The Locals recounts the story of Joseph Edwin Leffler who wandered away from the family mobile home near Estacada, Oregon and got lost. A search commenced and even professional trackers were put on the task of finding him.

Harry Oakes, a tracker and dog handler followed the boy’s tracks and determined that a large bigfoot picked up the boy about one mile from the mobile home. The boy was kept warm, fed, and protected until the 939th Air Force Reserve Aerospace Recue and Recovery Group was able to find him. Upon approach, one of two helicopters spotted the boy at night using forward looking infrared. Through the therms, a massive humanoid shape was spotted walking away from the boy and his three dogs.

Upon being questioned, the young boy insisted that a giant monster had fed him salmonberries and looked after him and his dogs until (human) help came.

Expert tracker, Harry Oakes, found ample evidence on the ground to back up the boy’s story. Several search and rescue members also literally saw the bigfoot walking off clearly on their FLIR.

Doing some more research I came across this post on the Bigfoot Forums by Sassfooty with another piece of counter-evidence that Bigfoot hates all dogs.

I don’t understand where this “BF hates all canines” theory came from. Maybe some of them hate all canines, (I’m not too crazy about them myself) but I know for a fact that they don’t all hate all canines. 

I saw one standing out behind the house one night, & he had a pack of coyotes running around him like a pack of hounds around a fox hunter. My son saw one running with a pack of coyotes one night.

A friend that lives a few miles away used to hear a group of BFs come by his house every almost every morning. He said he would stand out & listen to them pass, & several times, there was a chocolate Lab that would be with them. He said it belonged at a house just up the road from him. It would split off from the BFs & pass his house going home, & they would go on in the other direction. 

Then, there was the researcher that whooped out in front of my house, & had a young coyote come running up to him like he was being called to dinner.

So, I think people are presuming a lot when they make that statement. 

There are encounters on both sides of the line with some reports of Bigfoot aggressively attacking and killing dogs, possibly even eating them and other accounts of them being friendly with them or even seemingly being amused by small or funny-looking dogs.   The CryptoCrew goes so far as to postulate that Bigfoot might tame dogs as we do.

Time For Your Input On The Question “Does Bigfoot Kill Dogs?”

With there being disparate accounts of Bigfoot’s reaction to dogs, what do you think is going on?  Why do Bigfoot kill some dogs and not others?  Some people offer up that Bigfoot, like humans have varying personalities and just like us, some Bigfoot are not fans of dogs, but others love them.  Could encounters with friendly or aggressive dogs flavor Bigfoot’s encounters later in life.

I would love to get your input on Bigfoot hating dogs.  Have you witnessed an encounter with Bigfoot and dogs?  Why do you think the reactions are so different?  Post your comment below, and let me know what you think!

Photo Credit: TheCryptoCrew

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  1. cranky steve says

    I am not an authority of big foot or yeti or sasquatch but I have never heard of any of them killing dogs. Who knows for sure?

  2. Mitch Waite at youtube SUSANFARNS has many many video out of Arizona, he says there are 15 dogs missing from his research area just recently so I would say yes probably so

    • Steven Narbonne says

      Charlee, are these disappearances certainly due to Big Foot or is that conjecture? How many dogs, for example, could be expected to disappear in that area and in the time measured for any reasons? Could animal poachers, selling them to labs, be to blame? Are they vanishing in cougar country? Cougars love dogs and one even stalked me! I am not doubting, just wondering.

  3. The most interesting thing about Bigfooot is that this creature RELLY DID exist. There is proof in the fossil record. Fossils were found for Giganopithecus Blacki in Asia and Paranthropus Robustus in Africa. Were they just Prehistoric creatures? Or did they only recently become extinct? That would explain the legends. Or do these creatures still exist? If so, they are likely to live in less populated areas. They would need to have a sufficient breeding population to survive. There are no known primate species who are solitary. If we do find Bigfoot, it will be a very dangerous animal. I remember seeing these shows with teams looking for Bigfoot. They seem really unprepared. If they did find him, I am sure it would not end well. I wrote a story about what might happen. It starts out in a documentary style and ends as a horror story. It is called The Howling in the Hills by Roy Wells. It is free if you have a Kindle and Amazon Prime. I hope you enjoy it.


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