Bigfoot accidentally filmed in IMAX documentary

Proof Of Bigfoot Caught On IMAX Film

Did An IMAX Film Crew Capture Evidence Of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot accidentally filmed in IMAX documentaryIt is entirely possible that a professional film crew, shooting footage of caribou in the wilds of the north and accidentally caught video evidence of a Bigfoot that was stalking the herd.

This video does a great job of debunking the idea that what you see is actually one of the film crew on the other side of the river and goes a long way towards making the argument that it is actually a female Bigfoot and her child.

Commentary On This Bigfoot Video

Think Thunker that uploaded the video included some great points in the comments area for this video:

IMAX crew accidentally films a bigfoot. Skeptics claim it’s only a crew member wearing a backpack, but we see where this CAN’T be a crew member, unless he’s a giant, an Olympic sprinter and travels with his pet monkey (you’ll see 🙂

Key Points:
1. Ever seen a nature movie before …? Multi-million dollar productions don’t allow dudes with backpacks on bikes” to cruise through and spoil their shot – period.
2. A helicopter was used throughout for aerial shots and set the herd in motion.
3. Only ONE CAMERA angle is used for any given shot, which means there was no second cameraman.
4. Why is “the figure” jet black when all around him is in full color?
Cameras don’t underexpose someone in the shot just because they happen to be a crew-member – that’s ridiculous. If that were a crew-member, we would see SOME color, somewhere on them.
5. The “magic backpack” that some claim to see … appears within 310ths of a second, out of nowhere. Then climbs up on the black figure’s shoulders. Backpacks in the real world don’t do that. If you find one that does, film it, upload and post the link.

Watch it for yourself, it’s a beautiful documentary and can be found on

**The low-resolution thing was a joke. I was kidding, and pointed that out in the video (if you kept watching 🙂

So why does it still look so rough? ANY FOOTAGE looks rough when you zoom in 1,300%!

I Agree With His Claim This Is A Bigfoot

The claim that it is merely a crew member on the other side of the river is just silly.   There is no way they would have had a second crew right in their line of sight for filming.  Plus, as he points out, the person would have to be impossibly large.

The other claim could be that there was a bystander out there.  Considering how remote the location was that they were filming, the odds of finding a tall, dressed in all black local wandering through a caribou herd seems pretty damn low.

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  1. Steven Narbonne

    Usually prey animals panic and flee when confronted with a large predator intent on lunch. The carbou are moving but do not appear to be in any huge hurry. Just saying…

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