What Does a Bigfoot Weigh?

How you know what a Bigfoot or Sasquatch weighs?

That is an excellent question and if you watch the Bigfoot hunting shows, you will often hear them making reference to somewhere between 600 and 800 pounds.  How do they know what a Bigfoot weighs?  The obvious problem is that no one has ever captured one to put it on a scale, so much has to be inferred from sightings using some fancy biology and math.

BFRO Bigfoot Weight Estimations

If you like the difficult route, the BFRO has published a paper by Wolf H. Fahrenbach titled SASQUATCH: SIZE, SCALING, AND STATISTICS that explains a lot about the calculations used to estimate the dimensions, weight and so on of a Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  This report is generally the one sited on other sites when people are talking about Sasquatch physiology.  But it is a bit thick for light reading.

Bigfoot Encounters also has a breakdown of where they feel a Sasquatch would weigh in at. Of particular interest to me in their calculations is the speed and strength analysis.  In a nut shell, they estimate that a Bigfoot could reach top speed in half the time of a human which would be very beneficial for escaping detection and may explain how Bigfoot seem to “disappear” when you look away from them.

Jim McClairin’s Bigfoot Weight Estimator

On his Facebook page, Jim McClarin posted an excellent synthesis of the formulas for calculating what a Bigfoot weighs.  These numbers line up with other estimations quite well.

Bigfoot weight size chart

Credit: Jim McClarin

 The answer to the question “what does a Bigfoot weigh”

Given and adult is ~7′-8′ tall and fairly heavily built, you can expect that they weigh between 600# and 800# depending on their maturity and presumably gender.  One other factor seems to be the subspecies of Bigfoot.  These numbers are good for Bigfoot or Sasquatch found in most areas, but in warmer regions I would expect to find them to be smaller and more lightly built for environmental reasons.

 What is your thoughts on how heavy Bigfoot are?

Do you have a different opinion on how much a grown Bigfoot will weigh?  Post you comments below and let me know what you think of the analysis presented on Sasquatch weight.


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