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Video of Auburn, WA Bigfoot

Did a Homeowner Catch a Bigfoot on Video in His Back Yard?

This video was supposedly shot in 2010 of and is of an Auburn, WA Bigfoot.  The homeowner was supposedly been in the back yard shooting video for a project when he heard a branch snap.  When he investigated, he possibly caught a Bigfoot that was spying on him from the brush.

It seems unlikely to have a Bigfoot sighting in as built up of an area as Auburn, WA. Auburn is wedged between Tacoma and Seattle and does not back up to any major parks or forested areas. There are several rivers running through the area, as well as a reasonable amount of brush cover. It is possible that this Auburn, WA Bigfoot had followed one of these rivers or creeks west into a more urban setting.  Bigfoot seem to be inquisitive and I’m sure look for new areas to exploit. Evidence of this is the Bigfoot sighted in Detriot in an abandoned building.

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Is This An Auburn, WA Bigfoot?

Quite honestly this is pretty poor video and the only reason I am even thinking this is semi-legit is the eye shine and the motion of the body through the brush at the end.  Even then WHAT we are seeing is questionable.  The eyes appear to be quite close together for something as large as a Bigfoot.  This combined with with the fact that Auburn is an unlikely place to find a Bigfoot has me skeptical.

Take a look and tell me if you think this was an actual Bigfoot spying on this Auburn homeowner.

— Original Video Deleted By Owner —

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